Thursday, November 22, 2018

New Focus for this Web-Blog

Hi Readers,
I've migrated all my devotional blogs to And I'm reconfiguring this blog to focus on articles on the MBTI-based coaching to empower your life and help you develop your leadership skills. Unlike other personal inventories currently in the market which focuses on behaviours (DISC, Strenght-Finder, etc), MBTI focuses on inner attitudes and mental processes. As these inner attitudes and processes are peculiar to a person, they are independent of the environment. Understanding one's inner motivations and attitudes can translate into how the person will respond to environmental challenges and stimuli.

In this respect, MBTI is superior to other inventories, because understanding type atttudes and motivations can help one discover his or her strengths, her gifts and attitudes towards learning, innovation, communication, work styles and job-fits.

I will blog more about this soon....

Chee Min

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