Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Psalm 147: 12-20 God's Word is Our Greatest Blessing

KEY TEXT: Ps 147:19-20 He declares his word to Jacob, his statutes and rules to Israel. He has not dealt thus with any other nation; they do not know his rules. Praise the Lord! 

KEY THOT: When we think of God’s blessings, we probably think in terms of his protection of our homes (“strengthens the bars of your gates”), his blessing upon our children (“he blesses your children within you”), his keeping our borders secure (“he makes peace in your borders”) and of course our daily bread (“he fills you with the finest of the wheat”). Yet I know of few Christians who regard the privilege of having God’s word (Scripture) as our greatest blessing: “He declares his word to Jacob, his statutes and rules to Israel. He has not dealt thus with any other nation.” But what makes Israel uniquely blessed is not their good homes, smart children, secure borders and fruitful fields—what makes Israel uniquely blessed is their possession of the Word of God. 

No other nation is ruled by God’s own rules and statutes. Yet, how much do we invest in the study of God's Word. Many Christians confess they hardly have time to read the Bible, not to say study it. We pay lip-service to the importance of God’s word, but shows little commitment to study it. We are upset when our children do not do their English, Maths and Science homework, but we do not insist they do their personal QT daily. We have neglected the greatest treasure God has blessed us with as His people because we have forgotten that it is God's word that makes us uniquely God's people.

As Christians, it's time we reset our mind to regard God’s Word as our greatest blessing. It's time to invest our time and energy to read and study it like no other book. And if we are parents, we must insist that our children read their Bibles daily as the highest priority--even above their school homework. In the final analysis, it's not our school grades that define us as God's people—it is our wisdom derived from years of study of God's word that empowers us to be uniquely competent to bless the world because we possess the Truth and we knows the Truth.

May we make 2016 a year of commitment to study the Bible seriously. If we have never read through the Bible once from Genesis to Revelation after being a Christian for more than 1 year, we ought to repent and ask God for mercy that we have neglected the great treasure He has entrusted to us. Shallow knowledge of God's Word is manifested in shallow thinking, talking and doing. 

May we make it our new year resolution to read the Bible once through from Genesis to Revelation. [Check out any Read the Bible in One Year Plan]

Father God, You have entrusted to us the greatest treasure on earth--Your Word. But we confess that we have not studied it as seriously as we ought. May this coming new year be a year of serious study of Your Word. Amen.

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