Friday, September 25, 2015

This Week's Reflection: Two-winged Leadership

This week’s lectionary readings give us three examples of godly leadership: Moses (Num. 11), David (Psalm 19) and Jesus (Mark 10). They are men who took God’s Law seriously—Moses was the law-giver, David was the law-abider and Jesus was the law-fulfiller. But if they were just men of the Word, then they would become like the scribes and Pharisees--legalistic rather lawful, judgmental rather than merciful and self-focused rather than God-focused. All three men were also men of the Spirit: Moses had all the Spirit to himself and God took some from him to give to his seventy elders. David was anointed by the Spirit from youth and Jesus was conceived by the Spirit at birth but received the anointing of the Spirit at his baptism. They had two wings—the Word and the Spirit. The Word and Spirit cannot be separated, for together they became the S-Word (Sword) of the Spirit.

The church is like an airplane: it takes two wings for the plane to fly.

In some churches, the Spirit is downplayed and like the plane that tries to take off with only one strong wing, it wobbles and sometime crashes. We need the wing of the Word. But alone it would will produce lop-sided and unstable Christians who cannot fly. We need the other wing of the Spirit if we are to have Christians who can take off and fly. On the other hand, there are some churches that overplay the Spirit at the expense of the Word. They are also wobbly and unsteady. It takes two wings to fly a plane. 

May God grant us two-winged leaders who can not only walk but run and soar  fly like eagles--on two wings.

Father, help us be strong in Your Word and Your Spirit, that we might not only walk with you but also run and soar with Your Spirit. Amen.

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