Monday, May 2, 2011

SG Election 2011: Contest of Personality Types

This election seems to be a contest of personality types: IQ (PAP) vs EQ (Opposition) leaders. In terms of MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) types, the IQ leaders are represented by the Rationals (NT's: intuitive-thinkers) & the EQ leaders are represented by the Idealists (NF's: intuitive-feelers). The NT types dominate the PAP - they are the rational thinkers, unemotional, more head than heart. Their speaking style is staid and boring. They make statements that often alienate the voters. They are more focused on programmes than on people.

The NF types on the other hand dominate the Opposition. They are more idealistic and emotional. They appeal less to the head but more to the heart. Their speaking style is earnest and passionate. They connect better with the voters. Their idealism is reflected in their grand vision of a compassionate society. They are more focused on people than programmes.

On the electorate side, the realists (ST's: sensor-thinkers & SF's: sensor-feelers) who prefer stability over change are likely to vote for PAP. The intuitives (NT's & NF's) who desire change are more likely to vote for the Opposition. But the reality is: ST & SF personalities form the majority in any sample population.

For more information on MBTI personality types, read Wikipedia's article "Myers-Briggs Type Indicator":

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