Sunday, February 20, 2011

Psalm 50: Sacrifices of our Lips & Lives

Psalm 50:14-15 Sacrifice thank offerings to God, fulfill your vows to the Most High, and call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me."

God possesses all things on this planet earth: "for the world is mine, and all that is in it" (v.12). God is not poor and our tithes and offerings are not "donations" to God through the church. Our tithes and offerings to God should be expressions of a heart of thanksgiving ("thank offerings") and faithfulness ("fulfill your vows"). True worship is more about inner attitudes than outward actions. It's not about how MUCH  we give but HOW we give--whether we think God is in need so we give or because WE are in need and so we worship. God is never in need so worship is for us, as creatures. It's meant to fulfill us as people created for the worship of the Creator. Of all creatures of God, only humans can worship and worship confirms and completes our humanness. If we do not worship, we are like birds that do not sing, or eagles that do not fly, or sun, moon and stars that do not shine. We glorify God when we worship because it is through worship that we fulfill the purpose for which we have been created: "The one who offers thanksgiving as his sacrifice GLORIFIES me" (v.23, ESV).

God desires sacrifices from us, but not the material kinds (bulls, goats, and MONEY). In Heb 13:15-16, we are told that the "sacrifices" that God desires are of a different kind: (1) sacrifices of praise (from our lips) and (2) sacrifices of good works (from our lives): "Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise — the fruit of lips that confess his name. And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased." For those who have not learned to offer the right kind of sacrifices (worship), they remain unfulfilled and unsatisfied because worship releases within every human the creative spirit that longs for God and sees God in every good work.

Father, I thank You that You do not need anything from us but nevertheless You seek for true worshipers who worship You in spirit and in truth. May Your Spirit continue to inspire worship in our hearts so that we may daily glorify You by offering to You the sacrifice of praise and good works. Amen.

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