Friday, November 26, 2010

Joshua 1-Be Strong & Courageous

Four times in this Joshua 1, Joshua was told to be "strong and courageous." What this means is:

(1) We must not give up too soon. Strength implies power to endure and persevere when faced with adversities. Claiming God's promises is not just a matter of confession but also possession. However, as we persevere, God's grace comes to our aid and strengthens us in our weakness. The more we persevere in the ministry, the greater the experience of God's empowering grace to persevere.

(2) Courage is required to claim God's promises because there will be opposition by enemies. We need courage to face challenges thrown in way by the Enemy of God. We must persevere in prayer to demolish demonic strongholds. Courage is a very important quality of leadership - it means facing up to our fears and trusting God to overcome the challenges set up by the enemy. Leadership challenges can sometime be daunting--even discouraging. But if we believe God has called us to the responsibility of leading others, we have to stand up courageously and stake our position in Christ and move forward. Retreating is not an option for God's leaders. 

We can be strong & courageous because the Lord is with us wherever we go. As He was with Moses, so He promises to be with those who seek to translate promises into realities.

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