Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My FAQs Book

I have just published my new resource book, "Frequently Asked Questions about Christianity." It is a compilation of 51 most frequently-asked questions by pre-believers on an Alpha course that I have heard over the last 14 years of leading Alpha small groups. The book is written with pre-believing readers in mind and so can be given to them as a pre-evangelism gift. It can also be given out as welcome gift to guests on an Alpha Introductory Events. Reading the answers to the questions in book may pique some of the guests to sign up for the Alpha Course to clarify or challenge the answers in the book.

Answers provided in this book are short and to the point. So it is a small book of about only 80+ pages. A book for pre-believers should be easy-to-read: most answers can be read in less than 3 minutes or less. While the answers may not always satisfy Christians who are more theologically informed, I believe they are good enough for pre-believers.

Furthermore, this book is also a good resource for Alpha small group leaders and helpers who need quick answers to the questions raised by pre-believers at the small group discussion -- or even during meal times. Hopefully many churches will buy this book as a resource for their small group leaders & helpers to boost their confidence and competency in small group facilitation.

Individual Christians can also buy this book to give out to their non-Christian colleagues & friends as a form of literature evangelism. The retail price is SGD 6.00. However, you can order from Armour Publishing at bulk discount of SGD 5.00 for quantity above 50.

Or you can buy from me directly for SGD 5.00. Please email me at cmthen@gmail.com or call +65-96707359.

God bless.

Chee Min

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