Saturday, December 12, 2009

Leadership Coach

I just bought a book entitled "Becoming a Coaching Leader" by Daniel Harkavy (CEO of Building Champions). As I read the book, I am beginning to see that God has been re-defining my ministry focus over the last few years. Especially in the regional work, I am moving away from purely Alpha training to becoming more of a leadership coach, nurturing and building leadership in the region to carry out the Great Commission through Alpha. I am spending more time coaching church leaders & Alpha coordinators to become more effective and empowering leaders in the local churches & in the region.

Daniel Harkavy writes that "a commitment to people development is what separates good leaders from great leaders." Another favourite slogan of mine is this: "The test of leadership success is successors." When we focus on people development, we are truly Christlike. Jesus left behind no legacy in terms of books, buildings, institutions or systems--He simply left behind a legacy of eleven men to continue His work.

In the same way, the greatest legacy we can leave behind for future generations is godly leaders who can make a difference in our world. Not buildings, books or bank accounts. Multiplying young and godly leaders is the most meaningful and purposeful way to live our life.

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