Friday, September 11, 2009

Contextualised Training in Conservative & Traditional Churches

Training pastors from traditional and conservative churches requires us to adapt many of our usual training methods and strategies. For many of these pastors, ministry is restricted to ordained clergy, not given freely to lay leaders. Small groups leadership is restricted to certain leaders that has been "ordained," not for the rank & file leaders--especially not for new converts or comers!

Also, the idea of praying for the Holy Spirit to "come" may be alien to these pastors and freak out some. Or for some, the whole topic of the Holy Spirit is biblically unsound, especially those teachings from the charismatic movement, of which Alpha is one.

So, Alpha trainers need to adapt the content & training strategies for Alpha small group and also the prayer ministry on Alpha. I am still figuring out in the current training event how best to be sensitive and not induce a shock-reaction that is negative and detrimental to Alpha for these traditional pastors.

Would welcome some comments & feedback on this.

God bless.
Chee Min

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