Monday, May 19, 2008

Lee Strobel's Books

Read Lee Strobel's 4 "The Case for" Books

The four books written by Lee Strobel must be the standard reference for all Alpha discussion leaders. All of Lee Strobel's books are written in a journalistic style in which he interviews experts by addressing his questions to them and recording their answers. They are easy to read and will strengthen your confidence and competency in answering questions raised by pre-believers on an Alpha course.

1. The Case for Christ: This book examines the reliability of the Gospels, the historicity and divinity of Christ, and the evidence for His resurrection. Can we trust the Gospels' account of Jesus? Is Jesus the Son of God?

2. The Case for Faith: This book looks at some of the more philosophical issues regarding faith in God, viz. evil and suffering, the love of God and eternal punishment in hell, science and miracles and the Western church history that was filled with violence and oppression.

3. The Case for the Creator: This book investigates the scientific evidence that points to the existence of a Creator. He reviews the evidence from biology, cosmology, physics, astronomy, biochemistry and psychology. This is really good for those who are more scientifically inclined and need scientifically based answers.

4. The Case for the Real Jesus: This is Lee Strobel's latest book in response to the contemporary attacks on the biblical view of the historical Jesus mounted by the Jesus Seminar and the Da Vinci Code. Lee Strobel answers these attacks and defends the biblical portrayal of the historical Jesus.

For more on Lee Strobel's ministry and videos, visit his website Investigating Faith. You can also order his books from by clicking the display panels on the right column.

Chee Min
19.05.08, 9.50 p.m.

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