Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Genesis 1:1 God Created this Universe

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1:1)

This is one of the most well-known verses in the Bible. It is the first verse of the Old Testament and it simply asserts that right at the beginning there was God. God was the First Cause. Everything we see in this universe--the billions of galaxies flying around in the infinity of space were not always there. There was a time in the past when it all came together. Incidentally, this is consistent with the so-called "Big Bang" theory. The only problem with scientists is that they refuse to ask the obvious question: "Who or what caused the Big Bang?"

To anyone who is unbiased, this universe is definitely not a random creation--there is design, purpose and beauty in everything we see. As it has been pointed out, even the flagellates (protozoans with moving parts e.g. the spermatozoa) would not have been able to move in the water if all its moving parts are not all there at once. Like a mousetrap, many living things would not work unless every part was there at one moment, rather than slowly evolving. (Think of a mousetrap where the catch is still evolving. It wouldn't work!)

Looking at plant-life, animal-life, and human-life, we can see that every living process is purposeful, not random. The DNAs of the human stem cells have been coded to form purposeful organs and parts. They all fit together and it would require more faith to believe it "just happen" by chance than to believe they were orginally designed by an infinite intelligence. Meaning cannot come out of meaningless processes. Like Carl Sagan's movie ("Contact"), the scientists decided that a signal they received was outer space must have come from intelligent beings because it has patterns and meanings. What I don't understand is why Carl Sagan can't seem to apply this principle of design from his movie to every living thing on earth?! (Talk about bias and blindness--it's a choice he has made to reject the obvious in favour of the far-fetched.)

The Bible tells us that this world is the creation of a loving and personal God--not some aliens with green amphibian skins and bulging frog eyes. So, because a loving God has created the heavens and the earth, this world is really created for a loving purpose--namely to house His crown of creation (the human race) on this beautiful earth. It seems quite belatedly that the nations of the world have now awakened to the fact that this world is beautiful and we have been degrading it for our selfish purpose. So, now we are trying very hard to get the United Nations to "save" this world. But unfortunately, only the Creator can save (undo) the damage done to this planet.

And God has already put His plan of salvation (read "salvaging") into action 2,000 years ago. He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to come down to save not only the human inhabitants who are themselves degrading but also their natural habitat. One day, the Scripture tells us, there will be "new heavens and a new earth." Jesus Christ will come to "save" this planet Earth and all his inhabitants. That is why the Bible calls Jesus Christ our Saviour. No human effort can reverse the damage already done to this Earth. Only God can reverse the death process and overcome it with new life and power!

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